Below please find the on-line complaint form for the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission. Before you file a complaint with this office, please read the following which explains the Commission's function, responsibilities and authority. The Commission was created to enforce the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission licensing law. In enforcing the laws, the Commission has the authority to promulgate rules, grant or deny licenses, discipline licensees for any violations of its laws and/or rules and discipline unlicensed conduct. The Commission, however, cannot obtain a refund of any monies that you have paid in connection with an auction. You must obtain a private attorney to recover money.

If you do file a complaint with the Commission, please include legible copies of all pertinent documents in support of your complaint. After we receive your complaint, we will send a copy of the complaint to the Respondent with the request that he or she respond to the complaint within ten (10) days from the postmarked date of receipt. The complaint and response will be forwarded to legal for review and presentation to the Commission.

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NOTE: Pursuant to TCA Title 47, Chapter 18, the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, you may want to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs, 500 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, Tennessee 37243. (615-741-4737) or (800-342-8385)

Form IN-0759 (Rev. 3/88)


Give a complete statement of the facts, with dates. You may also be asked to provide originals of all documents that will support your allegations. You should retain copies.


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